aoiro aoiro ONEMANライブ~明日、天気になあれ~ 一部

14:15 / 15:00

①Tシャツ付き入場チケット ¥7,000 (税込・別途ドリンク代 ¥600)
◆抽選(購入制限1枚まで) 7月6日(月)10:00~7月9日(木)23:59 / 入金確定 7月12日(日)23:59まで
◆一般発売(購入制限1枚まで) 7月14日(火)10:00~7月16(木)23:59 / 入金確定 7月17日(金)23:59まで

②Tシャツ付き配信チケット ¥4,500 (配送料別) /
◆抽選(購入制限1枚まで) 7月6日(月)10:00~7月9日(木)23:59 / 入金確定 7月12日(日)23:59まで

③配信チケット ¥2,000
◆発売(制限なし) 7月6日(月)10:00~8月1日(土)23:00



aoiro 公式HPhttps://aoiro.localinfo.jp/posts/8692621

TEL:03-5467-6390 受付時間:月〜金(除く休日)11:00〜18:00




・Tシャツのサイズはフリーサイズ(メーカー:Touch AND Go 着丈:74cm/身幅:55cm/肩幅:50.5cm/袖丈:21.5cm)となります。
ご来場の方はスタッフより現地お渡し。ご郵送の方は7月20日(月)以降に『Rakuten チケット』より発送となります。

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

For this event, measures will be taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in live halls and live music clubs in accordance with the “Guidelines for Prevention of the Spread of the New Coronavirus” announced by the government.

If the government or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government change their policies due to changes in the domestic infection situation after the tickets have been sold, the performance may be cancelled or postponed.

・Please note that it is possible to cancel or postpone the performance in case of any changes in the national or Tokyo Metropolitan Government policies. Entry will be in the order of designated positions.

・Please line up in a way that ensures social distance.
Please line up at 14:00 for designated numbers 1-33, and line up at 14:30 for designated numbers 34-66.
・Please register your name, address and contact information at the time of your ticket purchase. If there is any suspicion of infection, we will contact you immediately and take measures under the guidance of the health center. Please note that those who do not register in advance will be asked to fill out the questionnaire on the day of the event even if they have a ticket, so please enter later than the order in line. Those who fail to fill out and submit the questionnaire will be denied entry.
・Performers, staff and customers are required to take a temperature test and disinfect their hands before entering the venue. Also, if the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius at that time, we will refuse admission. Please note that we will not refund the ticket price in that case.
・Seats will be placed 2m from the front of the stage and 1m between the front, back, left and right sides of the stage.
・Please wear a face guard in the venue. Please wear a face guard in the venue.
Please do not forget to bring your faceguard if you have one. Those who do not have a face guard can purchase one at the venue for 400 yen.
Please refrain from cheering too much. Please refrain from moving your seats during the performance.
・Please refrain from moving your seats during the performances.
Please open the door to ventilation during live performances. We sell goods by using face guards and acrylic plates to prevent droplet infection and to reduce contact with people.
We will sell goods in the lobby on B2F only after the show.
・No carry-on bags or large luggage will be allowed.
・T-shirts will be free size (Manufacturer: Touch AND Go Length: 74cm / Body width: 55cm / Shoulder width: 50.5cm / Sleeve length: 21.5cm).
Staff will give it to you at the site. Those who come by mail will receive their tickets from “Rakuten Ticket” after July 20 (Monday).

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