2020.07.23 THU


VeatsShibuyaでは “配信ライブサポートプラン”を期間限定で2020年8月よりスタートさせます。

【撮影配信費用】 ¥200,000
スタッフ人件費込み カメラ最大6台




メイン配信設備としてJVC製ライブプロダクションシステム「CONNECTED CAM STUDIO」を導入








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VeatsShibuya is going to start the “Live Streaming Support Plan” for a limited time from August.

VeatsShibuya will start the “Live Streaming Support Plan” for a limited time from August.
This plan includes a set fee for the venue, filming equipment, and staff, and is a plan specialized for live streaming at a reasonable price.
We are looking forward to your application.

■Details of filming equipment
JVC’s live production system “CONNECTED CAM STUDIO” was installed as the main distribution equipment.
High quality video can be delivered more easily and can be operated by a small number of people with remote control of the camera. For more information, please contact us from the information page.

For the introduction of the new plan and the reopening of the live music club, we are taking the following measures.
□Sterilization and antibacterial treatment by Kinoshita Antibacterial Service Co.
□Avoidance of three levels of tightness (sealed, congested and close together) has been re-enforced.
・Line up and enter with social distance (at least 1 meter)
・Limit the number of visitors in the auditorium in accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s roadmap (98 in B2 area and 10 in B1 area).
・Ensuring sufficient ventilation by opening all ventilation systems and doors except during live performances
・The distance between the stage and the front seats is 2 meters.
・In principle, seated guests must be seated and face shield is required in the auditorium. It is recommended to keep a distance of 1m between customers.

We will take every precaution to ensure that you can use Veats with peace of mind.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

■Capable of up to 6 inputs of 1920*1080i
■Intuitive operation on a touch screen monitor
■A wide variety of graphics features are available, and crawl and scroll credits are one-touch.
■By registering video and CG materials, you can easily create original commercials and PRs before, during, and after the distribution.
■Each input (up to 4 inputs) and program out can be recorded simultaneously inside the unit (up to 8 hours) Translated with (free version)