2020.03.04 WED



① 消毒液の設置
② 運営スタッフのマスク着用、手洗い・うがい・消毒
③ 毎公演の開場前にトイレ・階段の手すり・ドリンクカウンター等の消毒

【Veats Shibuyaへご入場のお客様へ】
① 入場口に消毒液を設置しておりますので、ご入場時のご利用をお願いいたします。
② 咳・くしゃみなどの症状がある方は必ずマスクを着用ください。


Veats Shibuya

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Response to the new coronavirus infection

Outbreak of a new type of coronavirus infection in Japan
We will strive to collect accurate information from the government, municipalities, and other relevant organizations, and
We take every precaution to prevent the spread of infection
At VeatsShibuya, the following measures are being taken

1) Installation of disinfectant
2) Mask wearing, hand washing, gargling, and disinfection of operating staff
3)Disinfection of toilets, stair rails, drink counters, etc. before the start of each performance.

[Visitors to Veats Shibuya]
1)Please use the disinfectant at the entrance gate.
2)If you have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, please be sure to wear a mask.
3)If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, or general pain, please contact a medical institution before coming to the venue.
Please make sure to visit the designated medical institution.
4) Those who are concerned about their health condition on the day of the event are requested to refrain from coming to the exhibition.

[If you are concerned about your health condition on the day of the event, please refrain from coming to the event.]
Please check the status of each event.
Please check the websites of the organizers and performers before coming to the event.

Veats Shibuya